ANID, where exceptional joinery and carpentry solutions transform spaces. We blend skillful craftsmanship and innovative design to bring visions to life. Our journey is defined by our commitment to excellence, making us your dedicated partner for crafting remarkable interiors.

At ANID, we're not just craftsmen – we're creators of functional art. With a passion for woodworking, we turn raw materials into exquisite pieces, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Our approach is rooted in teamwork, communication, and unwavering dedication to delivering the best.


Murtaza Balasinourwala                    Founder | Managing Director

Murtaza is a visionary entrepreneur deeply committed to design excellence and sustainability. His journey in the business world emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and high standards.

His expertise extends to woodworking and sustainable practices, known for transforming waste into remarkable creations. He firmly believes that beauty lies in bringing out the best from available resources and highlighting the natural beauty of the material. Simple, he believes, is magnificent, and he excels in this approach.

As an industry expert at Dubai's Manipal Academy for Higher Education, Murtaza inspires the next generation of designers and fosters entrepreneurial opportunities. He's also passionate about environmental responsibility, practicing sustainability through collaborations with Dubai's Waste Management Department to promote recycling and waste salvage.

Murtaza's leadership at ANID exemplifies his dedication to creating a legacy of creativity and responsibility.



Our Values and Vision

Our values reflect in every piece we create. Beyond executing your ideas, we design our own line of furniture and accessories. Our woodworking passion shines through, transforming raw materials into exceptional works of art.

Our Approach

Innovation drives us. We refine our craft and execute projects with meticulous care. Our team of skilled joiners and apprentices is known for delivering top-tier joinery projects. Collaborating closely with designers and clients, we turn concepts into tangible marvels, aligned with your long-term goals and preferences.

Feedback-Driven Excellence

Open dialogue is our compass. We prioritize your vision and satisfaction at every step. Join us on a journey where innovation and craftsmanship converge, creating spaces that beautifully blend form, function, and your unique essence.





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